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This is Your Life Useful. A blog and podcast that is designed to ask 3 little words, 1 powerful question, #isituseful.

Why should you ask #isituseful? Simple. These 3 words can literally start a revolution in your life. Taking a split second to assess the situation and ask yourself the question can change your response and the outcome of that response drastically. And this works in any situation! Cut-off in traffic, fighting with your children or spouse, the movie you just paid to see sucked, angry at an email you received at work or your boss’s response; literally every situation.

Now, it isn’t just about your responses, but also how you hold on to things internally (which often present externally as well). So, it’s also about letting things go. If your answer is that it is not useful, you can make the conscious choice to let it go. Realizing that the act or response that you are about to have is only temporary, and could actually go away a lot sooner, can reduce so much bad stress from your life.

It’s important to understand that this blog is not just going to be all milk and honey. That would be fake. I am definitely not one of those rainbows and sunshine all the time people. In fact, my natural state is one of constant pessimism, cynicism and sarcasm. Which are not necessarily bad traits, but together, can yield some less than pleasant feelings towards seemingly everything. And, we certainly will not be discussing just the drawbacks and benefits of an #isituseful lifestyle. That would be boring. So, the plan is to highlight some ways that I, and others, have used this in life and the outcome compared to what it could have been. But also, bring on some guests with various stories about anything that could be potentially helpful. While I plan to sign off with the salutation “Keep asking yourself, #isituseful?”, there will certainly be times that the blog or the podcast are on a completely different subject. After all, variety is the spice of life. We will cover any and all topics, because sometimes just venting over something that you have heard, read, witnessed, experienced, is just as useful, and important, to being able to let it go.

Over the coming weeks, this site will take very different shapes, I am sure. Let me say sorry in advance as I am currently trying to find the perfect website design and am not there yet. As an aside, if you have any suggestions I am all ears. That being said, the overall plan is to have at least two weekly blog posts for your reading pleasure and one podcast episode to come out on a day to be scheduled later (probably a Mon/Tues). I will also be reblogging things that I find interesting and/or helpful throughout the week, so a lot of great stuff is coming your way.

So, there it is! The official first blog post of YourLifeUseful. Although I love to say, this isn’t self-help, I truly hope that it helps you, or someone you know. Pass the information on! Pay-it-forward! Get the word out about YourLifeUseful and the #isituseful movement. There’s no investment, no catch, just a guy who really wants to get his story out there. To get riders to come along on the journey that this is going to be. Maybe I am just a guy who wants to change his karma and help to shape the karma of others, but I promise you, that is not a bad thing and will be super fun along the way.

I am so looking forward to sharing this journey with you. I have learned so much from just the 3 words #isituseful in a very short amount of time and believe that you can too! The world has too much stress and anxiety in it. Let’s use this corner of the internet to help each other out. Until next time, keep asking yourself #isituseful.

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