I Always Park in the Handicap Spot,​ But I Can Walk Just Fine

This is a great example of how things could have been different if the attackers had just asked themselves #isituseful. From my own personal experience, I have had 5 knee surgeries on the same knee. It has left me with permanent physical damage and limitations. I have also fractured my lower back and have degenerative disk disease in the vertebrae in my neck (at 32, I am falling apart). All the ailments aside, there are days that you would never expect that I suffered constant pain from any of this (although, those days are super rare). Then there are days that you would think I should be relying on a cane or a walker. People need to stop assuming that they “know” what is going on, that you are just taking advantage of a flawed system, and realize that none of this is acceptable, and none of this is useful. #isituseful

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Just as I closed my car door and stuck my key in the ignition, a loud thud made me jump and look at my side-view window, which now appeared to have coffee streaming down it. “What the hell?” I muttered to myself. But before I could even begin to process what had just happened, the woman who

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