No Holds Barred

So, here’s the thing, while I have always been into podcasts and blogs, I have never really done one myself. At least, not in the sense of mass listening and help. I have occasionally written poetry and stories and posted them at various places throughout the internet, that are essentially the 2016 version of the free homepages of the 90’s (of which, I had many. Hey, Angelfire! What’s up girl?). Sorry. Until now, I had never “professionally” (I use quotes because I am not a professional) produced a podcast or blog. I have had a couple of website, but they were business based and had no media presence at the time. Furthermore, I had never had to choose which site to pay for hosting my blog, which service to buy into for hosting my audio, looked at the cost of royalty free music and sounds. The list just kept growing and growing. With so many options, and equally good options I might add, it’s amazing that I didn’t just curl into a ball in the corner.

The anxiety about the show was starting to build in my head too. I love the #isituseful movement that I am attempting to pioneer, but I also know that it is going to take deep dives into who I am. If you know me personally, you know that exposing myself is extremely difficult for me. So, to be sharing myself with someone that isn’t my wife (she’s sick of my stories), I mean, wow! Either way, I am committed, no holds barred. If it can be the way to connect with people, to show them that they are not alone, that there is a way to move past their feelings or struggles, or a way to really put what’s important into perspective for people, then I’m game. I think that we are never really taught what the important things are in life and, in most cases, it takes an “it’s too late moment” to really see what has been standing in front of us the whole time. Sure, we are always told “worry about yourself and your family, those are the things that matter.” And they are. But then life comes in and suddenly work becomes priority because it’s what pays for your family that you are to take care of and the seemingly little things get moved. You miss a soccer game, you cancel and plan to reschedule a school conference (which you never reschedule), you pass up on having a late fall fire surrounded by the falling leaves and the smell of hot chocolate because you think that, if you just send one more email [at 10pm on a Friday] more work will get accomplished – it won’t. It’s a slippery slope that we need to stop now.

That’s where #isituseful came in for me, my website and my podcast. It was time to put my money where my mouth was, time to let the rubber meet the road. So, after MANY hours spent researching all of the website and podcast requirements, I bit the bullet and bought into the system. After asking myself #isituseful, this anxiety I had, this worry about people’s perceptions and whether they would like it or not, I found that it was not useful. What is useful? Is getting the story out there. Getting the message out there. Just getting useful content out there and hopefully, hopefully, helping others along the way.

So, the sites up. Content is being posted. Everything seems to be running smoothly *KNOCK ON WOOD FOR ME*

Until next time, keep asking yourself #isituseful.

Love and peace,