The Self-Destruction Paradigm – S1EP2

In this episode…

We jump off the deep end and discuss what I refer to as the “Self-Destruction Paradigm”. We process through some celebrities that we have seen this happen to in the past and go into how this affliction is a major part in my life as well. We talk about Jesse James and Abby Wambach, and discuss the ways in which they are part of this self-destruction wheel. We discuss the many manifestations of this affliction.
I also put out a call to action. It’s time to get the listeners a little more involved and can help take what seem to be less than useful situations and turn them into useful knowledge. Show others that they are not alone. Some of the topics for conversation could be – LGBTQ issues, Business, social media, cyber bullying, health and wellness, meditation, communication, and my person favorite, parenting – and that’s just to name a few. Really, any topic can be part of #isituseful.
So, if you want to come on for an interview and share your story, or maybe would just like to help co-host from time to time. Contact me through Twitter – @yourlifeuseful or fill out the contact form on the site.


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