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First, that’s not me in the picture. HA!

So, here’s the deal. This website is filled with great content that is meant to show useful acts throughout the world, or not useful for that matter. So yes, a large portion is stuff from 3rd party websites that I have linked here to get the word out to people. Kind of like a usefulness hub, if you will. BUT, also I have a personal blog on here as well, that I try and update a couple times a week. This is original content. The biggest piece of this whole website though is my pod cast The YourLifeUseful podcast! It’s a weekly podcast (or, at least I’ll try for once a week), where I discuss useful subjects (either solo, with a co-host, or even through interviews). The subjects are literally endless. They started out a bit heavy, but I promise, that was intentional, for 2 reasons – 1, it gut checks the listeners to see the immediate value of the #isituseful movement. 2, if you have listened to the episodes (especially Ep 2) I am very transparent. I delve deep into my own personal issues and expose myself to the listeners. To me, I had to dive that deep into my own demons and put them on display so that others would know where I was coming from. Hopefully, it will inspire you guys to open up too! Maybe even come on the show as a guest.

I do want to make note of the fact that I have listed these podcasts on all of the podcast streamers as “explicit content”. If there is one thing that I have learned (through many hours of podcast research, videos, and other podcasts) is that you have to be yourself 100%, or just not do it at all. So here it goes…

I am a straight-forward, no holds barred, and as my USAF recruiting class referred to it, if the babies ugly call it ugly, kind of guy. Is it useful? There are certainly more eloquent or diplomatic ways to say what needs to be said, but I promise, if I am shooting straight, I am probably right. And that’s not me saying that I am a know it all or someone that thinks I am right all of the time. It’s actually quite the opposite. If I am being straight-forward, then I am comfortable in my knowledge of the conversation, and you can ask anyone that knows me personally, if I am comfortable enough to speak up you can bet that I have done my research. Otherwise, I don’t talk much. I hate to be told that I am wrong. So, if I have even a twinge of self-doubt on the subject matter, I just sit back and listen. However, I have no problem admitting defeat.

Next, I curse A LOT! Is it useful? Some may argue that, no, it’s not. However, to me its a way of getting the true meaning of other phrases across that need some sort of exclamation beyond that of just voice inflection. Now, I don’t want to make it sound like I use curse words just to say them, but I do use them on a frequency that, when I get going on certain topics, would be near impossible to edit out. So, instead of attempting to do that, I have decided to just cover my bases and mark them explicit. Be forewarned.

Lastly, at this point, I probably sound like a broken record, but I can’t stress this enough — BE A PART OF THE SHOW! Everyone has a story, come on and share yours! No topic is off limits. Seriously! I am in the process of setting some awesome interviews right now – a story of adoption, another dealing with drug and alcohol counseling, and another dealing with stepping outside of your comfort zone through self-help. And that’s just a few of the things that are coming up. I would really LOVE to get and interview set up for an LGBTQ story, a parenting interview (because I really relate to the story there), and one dealing with my professional background in business and recruiting, like a jobseeker episode. All of this BEFORE the holidays, which, as my wife so sadistically keeps reminding me, Christmas is in less than 95 days now…

I think that about covers it for this post. Please, if I have forgotten something that you want to know more about, send me a message through Twitter (@YourLifeUseful) or the contact page at the bottom. I love to hear from everyone. To those who have already reached out to me, thank you SO much for your kind words and support. Make sure to subscribe to my podcast by going to iTunes or Google Play or www.podbean.com so that you can hear all of the newest episodes without the hassle of the site or downloads. Until next time…

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