It’s International Podcast Day!!!

Hey guys/gals!

It’s finally here, it’s International Podcast Day!

Do yourself a favor and explore the podcasts that are out there. Literally (well, probably), any topic you can think of has a podcast of some sort… You’re a early American history buff? Check out Ben Franklin’s World – It’s amazing! You’re into meditation? Check out 10% Happier Podcast or the Mindpod Network. You’re into NPR? LOOK NO FURTHER! They are everywhere in podcasting. You’re a fan of Once Upon a Time the TV show? Check out Daniel J. Lewis’ ONCE Podcast. Walking dead? There’s one of those too! The Walking Dead Cast. Are you a nerd? Go with the classic, yet ever relevant, The Nerdist podcast. Relationship advice? One Extraordinary Marriage. Spicing up the love life? The Curious Couple. Entrepreneur? The #AskGaryVee Show.

THESE ARE JUST A TINY SAMPLE!! Just go, check it out for yourself. Enjoy this day!

Peace and love.