Check Your Imposter Syndrome – S1EP6


On this week’s show, I talk about Imposter Syndrome. I breakdown what it is, some notable faces that openly suffer from it, discuss the key signs for suffers, and give a few ways that I have found useful in overcoming this debilitating demon.

I also give some updates on the show, talk about an exciting new side project that I got to start this past weekend, and I issue a small call to action for you, the listeners. Of course, I am always looking for new guests to come on the show. If you have a unique story that is useful, make sure to use the contact form on the website here or hit me up on Twitter @YourLifeUseful. Literally, ANY topic will be considered.

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YourLifeUseful is a podcast and blog that are designed to spread the #isituseful movement. This is my journey to self-exploration, self-awareness, self-growth and yes, self-help. I am just a normal guy that needed to get my responses in check. So hand around! Some episodes will be me talking on a specific topic, others will be interview shows, and some will be a mix of both – but rest assured, all will be fun.

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