Who am I?

Well, in the context of the internet, I suppose I am really no one of importance. In the sense of myself, and of my family, I am of great importance. To the world I am a father, a husband, a son, a brother, an uncle, you get the idea. To myself though, that’s a different story. I am all of those things, but all of those things are not all that I am. By day, I am a corporate recruiter, hiring people and hoping I am making a positive difference in their lives. By night, I am a professional struggler. That’s a real title, right? All of my life I have struggled. Everything from both ends of the weight spectrum and self acceptance, to money and parenting troubles, to health and wellness issues and most importantly, I have struggled for happiness. Having attained the roll of the office Eeorye and being the leader of constant bickering matches with my children and spouse, and really anyone who would oblige, I recognized that something needed to change.

While I am nowhere near perfect, and would never claim to be, I am on a journey. A journey of self-exploration, self-improvement and self-awareness. By asking myself one simple question in everything I do, I have managed to start a change. A change that I believe is for the better and can be my chance to pay-it-forward and help other full-time strugglers. And maybe, through this little hut in this vast village of the internet, that I call mine, I can help you or someone you know make a change for the better too! Or, at the very least, still provide some sort of entertainment for you.

So, follow along on the journey. Pick something new up, share what you know, and of course, pay-it-forward.

Keep asking yourself,