The September Round-Up – S1EP3

What do Donald Trump and Ted Cruz have in common with a unicorn and a 15 year-old girl in Haggerstown, MD, and is it useful? Listen and find out!

This week we start a monthly round-up episode. What’s a round-up episode? you ask. Well, it’s an episode focused on showing some of the not useful acts, stories and articles VS. the useful acts, stories and articles. Now, I know that due to the headline above this episode may be mistaken for a political episode, I assure you that it is not. Unfortunately, due to the campaigning climate that we are currently in, it is hard to have a completely politics free episode, but I promise it is not the focus of the episode.

This episode discuses International Podcast Day, Haggerstown, MD, meditation, unicorns and the media.
YourLifeUseful is a podcast and blog that are designed to spread the #isituseful movement. This is my journey to self-exploration, self-awareness, self-growth and yes, self-help. I am just a normal guy that needed to get my responses in check. So hand around! Some episodes will be me talking on a specific topic, others will be interview shows, and some will be a mix of both – but rest assured, all will be fun.

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