The ‘C’ Word – S1EP4

On this week’s episode, I give some pretty awesome updates about the show and then we get down and dirty discussing the notorious “C” word. Think you know what I am talking about? Think again, you’re probably wrong. I promise, it’s not THAT “C” word.


  • Overhauled the audio recording equipment. There are still a few kinks to iron out and some sound to level, but hey I am DIY and there is a decent learning curve. In the meantime, please enjoy and pardon and sound errors.
  • I have discovered and it’s pretty amazing! If you have never heard of fiverr and are looking for some sort of remote service (ie writing, graphic design, musical services, voice overs, resume writing, photography, and a ton more) check out Everything starts at $5 and you are helping the little guy get their due. Check it out!
  • The biggest announcement, why production quality is becoming a main focus. So, I have always made episodes that sounded okay. I haven’t had to do too much quality control. That is until now. This past International Podcast Day, I was fortunate enough to win a VIP pass to this year’s upcoming Podcast Movement convention (Thanks ; it’s like comicon for podcasters. Since I will be mixing with the big guns at the event, I really want to step the show up and make sure that it is the best that it can possibly be. Now, all of the audio upgrades were planned to take place later and throughout the year, but this has really put the pressure on. So, I have begun the transformation early.

We take a trip down memory lane to pinpoint where I lost the real me. The me that was my true personality and happy disposition. Before I was jaded towards the world and everything it had to offer. Most people think that I am unhappy all of the time, the black cloud of any room I enter. Sure my resting dick face doesn’t help my situation, but trust me when I say, this is not me and that is not how I want to be seen.

Join me in discussing my plan of action to get out of my perpetual pessimism and back into the land of the emotionally alive. Enjoy!


YourLifeUseful is a podcast and blog that are designed to spread the #isituseful movement. This is my journey to self-exploration, self-awareness, self-growth and yes, self-help. I am just a normal guy that needed to get my responses in check. So hand around! Some episodes will be me talking on a specific topic, others will be interview shows, and some will be a mix of both – but rest assured, all will be fun.