Morning Pages 10/14/16 – Gerard Way Official Blog

Gerard Way was the lead singer of one of my all-time favorite bands, My Chemical Romance (MCR). Their music helped me in more than one way through some rough patches. They showed me that it was okay to be unique, to be lonely, and to just be me. Mr. Way now writes and draws for several comics and is a full-time daddy. To the person just passing by looking in, the change from his sorrow and pain filled lyrics of his MCR days to the man who writes “morning pages” like these, looks like a dramatic switch. However, when you listen, really listen, to his lyrics and then read this same passage, you begin to see they are certainly one in the same. Albeit, a slightly more optimistic view.

His pages are great. They are uplifting, they are honest, and they are raw. No two days are the same, and likewise, no two moods are the same. This particular morning page struck a cord with me in the best way possible. Please read and enjoy (warning – the lower half of the pages gets a little comic geeky, but it’s still fun). Follow Gerard too! Hell, maybe one day, I could even convince him to join me on the show. Until then, thanks for your wisdom Mr. Way.

Morning Pages – These are stormy times around the world. I’m sure I don’t need to quote specifics, but there seems to be an obvious rise in anxiety and fatigue, caused by our daily world news and doses of toxicity (dig for the light!).

Source: Morning Pages 10/14/16 – Gerard Way Official Blog