Interview with Robert Graves #YearOfTheVet – S1EP5

This week, we are joined by Marine veteran Robert Graves. After spending 10 years in the Marines as a radar technician, Robert was forced back into the civilian world. Being thrust into this new lifestyle that was different from everything he had known. Initially lost, Robert was very quick to pick back up and dust himself off. Embarking on a six year long process, Robert has risen from the proverbial ashes. Through his work with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), as a life coach and hypnotherapist, and writing his book How to Grow a Beard: A Military Transition Guide Back Into Civilian Life, he has found his next path in life helping others.

Robert Graves – Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

Discussion topics:

  • Robert’s civilian transition story. Planning to be a “lifer” (doing at least 20 years), his military career hit a few ups and downs, and eventually lead to him leaving the Marines at 10 years of service.
  • What it means to be a life coach and hypnotherapist. Robert discusses how he first came to be part of the life coach world and his lifelong love with helping people.
  • He talks about how he got involved with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) group.
  • We discuss the struggles of military members that are transitioning back into the civilian world. Does everyone have a bad transition? No. However, in every transition there are unforeseen challenges.
  • Using hypnotherapy to help others.
  • Talking about his book How to Grow a Beard: A Military Transition Guide Back Into Civilian Life, Robert makes light of some of the funnier aspects of transition (ie. growing your beard back) and makes so heavier hits about realizing your own potential and the fact that you are worth so much more that the civilian world would have you believe.
  • Do civilian recruiters discriminate former military members by pitting prior officers against prior enlisted members? We touch on the topic and Robert brings to the table so great points.
  • His plan for a new book and his new podcast #YearOfTheVet

Book summary –

“How to Grow a Beard: A Military Transition Guide Back Into Civilian Life” is primarily based on 10-year Marine Corps veteran R.Graves’ story on how he weaved back into the civilian life, but it is also the voice of every single veteran who has been thrown out to the wolves, to fend for themselves. Thrown out to learn the protocols of the civilian world and endure an—at times—intense mental battle. Thrown out to learn how to reintegrate with the real world again all over again. This book covers topics such as reframing what sacrifice means to an individual, learning what we’re worth in the civilian workplace, converting military service into civilian language for resumes and interviews, lessons on humility, integrating with friends and family again, and even lessons on swallowing your pride and allowing others to help out with our transition. Because transition will come—faster than you may realize. But, as ready as you are to start your new life, you will at some point find yourself in the situations introduced in this book. With veteran suicide, and veteran homelessness at an all-time high, it is no secret that transition can be hard and overwhelming. Graves’ intent with this book is to make the military transition as smooth as possible for his fellow veterans, by providing tools and lessons learned. Whether you are about to leave the service or have been out in the civilian trenches for a while, this book is the tool created for you to transition—successfully.

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