The YourLifeUseful October Roundup – S1EP7


Episode 7 – The October Roundup

Not only is it Halloween, but it’s also that time of month again…. Roundup time! In this episode, we look at the month of October as a whole and highlight the top 3 things that I found useful this month. I also take some time to revisit the previous episodes from the month and tie up any loose ends that have been brought to my attention from you guys, the listeners. Also, if there have been any new developments or further information, I will present it here as well.

– We revisit the interview with Robert Graves and present some great resources for anyone that is transitioning in their lives.






I talk briefly about the heartwarming stories seen all over the internet and social media from National Coming Out Day on October 11th, 2016.

We discuss how entertainment (movies, tv and music) is getting good again. I point out various ways that these forms of entertainment that we crave are actually a form of therapy for us and provide a bit of escapism, even if for only a short time. I even provide a snippet from a SNL skit, starring Tom Hanks, as David S. Pumpkin. This has to be the best thing to have come out of Halloween 2016 and you can catch it by clicking HERE.

Tom Hanks as David S. Pumkin – SNL

Lastly, I cove the best example of both being not useful and useful at the same time. In an about face, the Pentagon seized making Army individuals pay back the (re)enlistment bonuses that they were rightfully paid. If you haven’t read the story, Google it, it’s all over the internet.

This week’s episode was marked with a new segment, a quick segment at the end of the show where I let you guys know what other podcast out there has caught my attention. This week I have been non-stop listening to the Myths and Legends podcast. It’s great! Basically, a guy named Jason, take his love for English literature and ruins all of our childhood stories. Okay, not really, but really. Think you know the story of Aladin, Mulan, or even the Knights at the Round Table? Think again. You can find the Myths and Legends podcast on iTunes or the podcast app, or by visiting

Enjoy the show! Until next time, keep asking yourself #isituseful.


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